I am a research scientist with a background in electrical engineering and computer science. The main focus of my research is a network approach to computational and systems biology and bioinformatics, particularly protein-protein interaction data sets and host-pathogen interactions. I have experience working on interdisciplinary projects in the computational and life science fields.

My interests include:

  • Data mining: identifying patterns and relationship among the data, e.g., between genes/proteins, their biological function, disease, aging, and evolution.

  • Data integration: developing computational methods for integration of heterogeneous data, e.g., protein interactions, gene expression, domain annotation, and transcriptional information to obtain condition-specific protein-protein interactions.

  • Network alignment: identifying common network wiring patterns, e.g., comparison of biological networks to identify evolutionarily conserved subnetworks.

  • Mathematical modeling: determining the appropriate mathematical representation of the system, e.g., predicting molecular interactions, identifying best-fitting models for molecular systems, and simulating biological system models.

  • Data visualization: representing the data and results in a comprehensible way to highlight meaningful patterns in the system, e.g. distinguishing genes/proteins involved in a disease.

Software/applications I have contributed to: